"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

Different kinds of dental implants

"First class and cheap dental implants with experienced and reliable dentists in the safe heart of Europe."

There are many types of dental implants. Which one shall I choose?

As implantology has become more popular in the last decades, now there is a much wider range of dental implants. So we are really are spoilt for choice if we want different kinds of dental implants. However, if you want to make sure that your dental implant lasts a long time, you should choose a reliable quality one. about dental implantsHungarian clinics typically use high-quality implants made in Switzerland, Germany and Israel both for basic and premium brand implants. Another option you have is whether to choose a one-phase or a two-phase dental implant procedure.

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Hungary is rightly the most popular destination of dental tourism. Hungarian clinics provide their patients with the best dental products from Swiss, German and Israeli manufacturers. Our partner clinics use the popular standard dental implants from the Swiss SGS factory. We buy our premium brand dental implants from the Swedish Nobel Biocare manufacturer. When it comes to one-phase implants, our most typically used implants come from SGS, and the German-Swiss IHDE.

The popular SGS implants

SGS products are quite popular both among patients and implantologists. The reason behind its success is that they are simple to use, durable and reliable. Also, their price is affordable and their wide range provides solutions for different dental implant problems. SGS products are used for one-tooth replacements, one-tooth implants, but also for root canal replacements in narrow gaps. Their especially shortened versions are ideal for replacing the root of the teeth in the upper jaw when the patient has little bone mass. With this type of implant, sinuslift and bone grafting can be avoided. This means a shorter procedure and healing period – and significantly lower costs. SGS produces implants both for the traditional two-phase and the more recently developed one-phase procedures.

The premium brand solution

Among the premium brand product we must present the Nobel Active implant developed by Nobel Biocare and introduced to the market in 2008. The principal feature of this implant is its stability (due to its special structure). It is ideal for difficult cases i.e. when the bone mass is too soft or when the implant is inserted in the cavity of a recently removed tooth root.

Dental specialists using Nobel Active implant also appreciate its especially strong and resistant consistence and its ability to bond to the abutment inserted in it. Another advantage of this premium brand implant is that its size range includes certain special types which are adequate for really narrow spaces (i.e. incisors and canines in the upper jaw). Producers also highlight the fact that Nobel Active products are completely tissue-friendly (both for soft and hard tissues). This allows for implants that look almost completely like natural teeth.

One-phase or two-phase dental implant procedure?

Patients today can choose between two implant procedures. One of them is the two-phase implant procedure, also called “traditional” procedure. Here in the first phase an incision in the gum enables the dental surgeon to reach the jawbone into which they can insert the artificial root. Once the root is in place, the dentist stitches the gum together to guarantee protection to the artificial root as it heals and bonds with the jawbone. This process takes 3 to 6 months. The second phase takes place after this healing period. The dentist cuts the gum open again and inserts the abutment into the implant. After this he fixes the necessary prosthesis – crowns, bridges, round bridges. As the whole process needs to be done in two steps, this method is called two-phase dental implant.

The dental implants used for one-phase implants are completely different, which changes the whole process. These implants come with the abutment already inserted in them (while in the traditional method the abutment is inserted into the implant after the healing period). Also, these implants are longer than traditional ones. Another difference is the method of the surgery: here normally the dentist does not cut the gum open but uses a special drill to reach the jawbone, then screws the implant into the bone. The pressure of the jawbone makes it possible for the implant to bond quickly and to become stable. In this type of implants the abutment rises over the gum, so the dentist can take an impression right after the insertion. In base of this impression the laboratory prepares the fixed temporary round bridge.

Since one-phase implants only need a minor-scale surgery, they are much less unpleasant for the patient. But there are some drawbacks to this method. The main one is that while with two-phase implants the freshly inserted artificial roots can heal protected by the gum, one-phase implants must be treated much more carefully during the healing period and they must not be loaded too much. Also, one-phase implants cannot be used in certain cases. For example dentists rarely use this method for the replacement of only one tooth.

Different kinds of dental implants
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